After a storm hits and you find your home damaged, you may be at a loss as to what the process is. Your emotions are on overdrive and it’s easy to overlook things that you need to do. However, it’s crucial that you take the following steps to make sure you have all that you need for your insurance company.  

The first thing you’ll need to do for your insurance companies is take photos of the damage and create a list of damaged items. Make sure the storm has passed before you do so. Do not go outside if you have high water flooding or if you see downed power lines. Safety is your number one priority; you can take photos when it’s safe to do so.  

Do you have broken windows, flooding, a leaking roof or siding damage? If you are able to safely do so, start boarding up broken windows, fixing siding and placing tarps on leaking roofs to protect your home from further damage. Any rugs or carpet that is wet should be removed to prevent mold growth and windows should be open with fans running if there is water damage inside your home. Clean up broken glass, yard debrisand any other objects that may have blown into your yard and can cause injury if someone steps or trips over it.  

If your home is not safe to sleep at then you should make quick repairs to keep your house safe from further damage and find a place to sleep during the night. Throughout the process, remember you and your family’s safety is more important. Keep safe while accessing and photographing damage and making repairs. 

You should contact your insurance company as soon as possible to let them know of the damage. If you will be hiring us to assist with any roof repair, we can call and assist you with your insurance claims to discuss what the damages are and what repairs need to be made.  Remember to save your receipts for everything, whether you make some of the repairs yourself or hire a contractor.  Your insurance company will need these. 

Lake Orion Roofing understands how emotional it is to have your home damaged during a storm. We take pride in our experienced team to get your home assessed and repaired promptly. Your home is one of the greatest assets and we intend to help you protect it by quality work and roofing materials.  

If you find your roof in need of repair, give us a call at (248) 393-0055. We will inspect your roof for free and provide you with an estimate for our services.