Learn why Lake Orion Roofing is your Preferred Roofing Professionals in Oakland County, Michigan.

We are Committed to Customer Service

At the top of our priority list is our customer service. We ensure that our clients are satisfied and we’ve done this for many years. First, we make sure that our clients get top notch care from the beginning call. We constantly communicate throughout the process and document the necessary information.

Best Materials

We find the best possible materials for your roof at the lowest possible cost. Michigan winters can be hard on roofs which is why it’s so important to put the best possible materials on your home to ensure long term quality. Choosing the right, well-insulated roof to help keep your family cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


We started this business over 30 years ago and we understand when it comes to roofing, there’s a lot more that goes into it than simply laying down some shingles. Our experts have the experience to provide quality constructed roofs that will last. Experienced roofers working on your home will make a huge difference. You also don’t have to worry about creating even bigger problems!


Accidents do happen sometimes, and it’s important to us to make sure that you don’t end up paying for it. We carry the best insurance that will make sure that you are completely covered in the unlikely event that something does happen. This include roofer injuries, property damage, and more.

No matter what your roofing needs are, give us a call today at Lake Orion Roofing and let us take care of your roof! Our goal is to be your roofing company for all of your roofing needs!

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