When it comes to the safety of your home, there are many things to consider. Our previous blog discussed homeowner’s insurance and the many things that it typically covers. Usually, homes are protected against damage caused by fires, storms, and even thefts. Storms are one of the most common causes of roof damage. This includes the destruction caused by rain, hail, snow, and wind. In order to avoid any dangerous and preventable issues, it’s best to prepare your roof and home before all storms.

Why Prepare Beforehand

You may be wondering, “If my insurance covers all storm damage, why should I have to do anything to my roof beforehand?”. For us, precaution and prevention is key! It’s great to have insurance, but you wouldn’t want to have to experience any tragedy or damage if it was 100% preventable. Your roof is meant to keep your home safe for many years at a time. Although quality roofs are strong and can withstand a reasonable amount of damage, it’s best to protect it so that it can continue to do its job for as long as possible. Also, having to go through the hassle of paperwork and insurance claims doesn’t sound too exciting, especially if there is damage that needs to be fixed immediately. Fortunately, if you ever need any assistance with your insurance claims, we can help!

Much like you would prepare your family for emergency situations, you should prepare your roof as well. After all, your roof is what separates you and your family from the harsh elements. In the event of a storm, it’s important to have a first-aid kit and an evacuation plan, but there are also things you can do to prepare your roof and property for any major damage.

How to Prepare for a Storm

Preparing your home for a storm has a lot to do with securing objects in your yard that could become dangerous. For example, trees with loose or dead limbs could come detach from the tree and break your windows or puncture your roof. The trees themselves could also become uprooted and fall on your home. In the Lake Orion area, since we experience quite a bit of snow during this time of year, even healthy branches could become weighed down with snow and break off. The Arbor Day Foundation has a helpful list of ways to maintain the trees on your property in a way that protects your home without having to completely remove the trees themselves.

It may sound odd, but it’s also important to make sure that your fence is secure. During storms with strong winds, a weak or damaged fence could easily be lifted and thrown against your home. Outdoor furniture and decorations should also be anchored or, preferably, placed indoors before a storm arrives. Any items outside your home that could be picked up by high winds could damage your roof and may even harm those inside your home. The best thing to do is make sure everything is securely locked in place or brought inside.

As we’ve mentioned many times before, having clean gutters also plays a large role in the health of your roof. Gutters that are filled with debris don’t allow for proper drainage of any water or snow that collects on your roof. During the warmer months, water could pool on your roof causing water damage and leaks. In the colder months, water could cause ice dams on your roof which could also lead to water seeping into your home. Thus, ruining your walls, ceilings, and insulation. Before any storms, we recommend scheduling an inspection with a certified and trusted roofer like Lake Orion Roofing! We can confirm the condition of your roof, clear your gutters, and make any repairs you may need in preparation for the storm.

With different types of storms occurring all throughout the year, there are several simple steps you can take to be prepared for them all. Your roof is what keeps your family and your home out of harm’s way during disruptive weather, so be sure to take care of it. If you’re unsure of the current state of your roof, give us a call at (248) 393-0055 or visit the Lake Orion Roofing website to get a free quote!