Roof with Wind DamageAre you aware that you can file an insurance claim for wind or hail damage? In fact, your homeowner’s insurance will cover up to 100% of the replacement costs. Here’s what you need to know to make sure you are on top of protecting your roof and home.  

Stay aware of wind speeds when a storm passes over your home. If you have wind speeds of 60 miles per hour or greater, it calls for a forensic roof analysis as you may have hidden wind damage. A roofing expert will know the signs to look for to determine if you have damage, such as loose and lifted shingles.  

Take extra care if your home has a high pitch facing west. If your home does, you are more susceptible to damage. The wind in Lake Orion typically comes from the west as it increases speed over our lakes. The higher the pitch, the more likelihood of damage occurringThe edges, in particular, are often found lifted and loose. 

Hailstorm DamageHailstorm damage is more obvious. You’ll see dents and damaged shingles. However, to an inexperienced eye, it may not be noticeable. It’s just as important to repair hail damage as it is shingles that have been damaged from wind.  

Do not delay in getting your roof repaired as it can lead to leaks or ice dams. Over time, you can see mold Roof Damagegrowth and rotting wood in your attic and home. Also, keep in mind that many homeowners insurance require that you file a claim within one year of determining your roof has been damaged. Take into consideration the time it takes to file your claim into the equation as well.  

Lake Orion Roofing can help you get the repair you need before the harsh Michigan winter comes. We will inspect your roof for wind or hail damage. If damage is found, we do all the work filing your insurance claim. If you’d like to receive forensic roof analysis, give us a call at 248-393-0055. Learn more about how we handle insurance claims by visiting our website.