Michigan winters can be harsh on your roof. It’s important to check your roof for signs of damage before a minor issue turns into a big problem. We’ll discuss several warning signs to look out for this season.  

Patches of Melted Snow
A healthy roof should be entirely snow-covered without bare spots. The exception is around the exhaust and venting. If you’re seeing bare spots in the middle of your roof or a few feet from the edge, it’s cause for concern. The same is true with a frosted roof. This means that heat is escaping your home, causing hot spots. Your attic is not properly insulated.  

Ice Dams
Check your gutters to see if they’ve frozen over. If you see ice, your gutter is likely clogged, usually from leaves that fell during fall. This ice can not only damage your gutters, but it will begin to damage your roof. The excess moisture can make its way into your attic causing damage to your home. Homes are more susceptible to these ice dams when they are improperly insulated.  

Are you seeing icicles form at the edge of your roof or gutters? These icicles cause serious damage to gutters and shingles. They could be pulled off due to the shear weight, allowing water to leak into the attic and your home.  

Heavy Snowfall
While roofs are designed to hold a lot of weight, a heavy snowfall could propose a risk to you roof.  Your roof may be susceptible to collapse if the roof wasn’t designed to hold that much weight or if it has weak spots. Having a professional come in to check your roof for weak signs before winter is always a good idea.  

Attic Condensation
Examine your attic for signs of leaks and condensation. This could be caused by water leaking into your attic or water vapor from inside the home. The moisture from cooking, showers, and dryers work their way into your attic. If you have poor ventilation, the moisture will be trapped inside the attic and will begin to condense. This can lead to mold and mildew growth as well as rot.  

If you see any of these warning signs, give Lake Orion Roofing a call at (248) 393-0055. We’ll assess the situation and let you know the best steps to take. Remember, we offer 24-hour emergency service if you’re ever in a situation that needs immediate attention.