As roofers, we recognize that the health of your roof goes far beyond just overlapping shingles. Several elements work together to keep your home covered and safe. One element that has an important job in relation to your roof is your gutters. Gutters create a channel along your roof’s edge to help water run off and prevent damage that comes with excess water pooling. There are countless ways your gutters aid in the health of your roof!

Ways Gutters Keep Your Home Healthy

The chief job of gutters is to direct rainwater from your roof. If water were to stay on the roof, it could enter your home through small openings. Moisture trapped in the home could lead to complications that can grow more severe over time.

Inside the Home

Water seeping into your home could lead to mold and mildew, putting the health of everyone in the house at risk. Water could also cause rotting and compromise your home’s structural integrity. With gutters diverting water away from your home, this also helps prevent potential basement flooding.

Outside the Home

Gutters help keep the outside of your home healthy as well. Over time, excess water could cause your siding to rot and paint to peel. Gutters work to prevent soil erosion and keep your outdoor landscaping and plants safe too. Therefore, gutters keep your home intact both structurally and aesthetically.

Caring For Your Gutters

Since gutters play such a crucial role in keeping your roof and home healthy and safe, it’s vital to keep them well maintained. For high-performing gutters, regular cleaning and maintenance is required. Leaves, twigs, and other debris often find their way into gutters, clogging them and preventing proper drainage. The gutters could also be damaged, cracked, or sagging which could hinder their effectiveness. Whether you’re doing the job yourself or calling in a professional, we recommend having your gutters cleaned and inspected 1-2 times a year, especially during fall and spring.

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