We all want a safe and secure roof over our head. But sometimes, leaks happen. These leaks can bring a flood of questions. How do I find a leak in my roof? When’s the best time to look? How do I know if it’s serious? While every cause may be different, there are some basic steps to take to ensure that a leak in your roof doesn’t ruin your home. We answer all these questions and more. 


Looking For Water Leaks 

Leaks in a roof can happen just about anywhere. The main culprit, however, are places on the roof where the shingles come to an edge. These areas include flashing and drip edges, both important to inspect regularly and keep in prime shape to avoid water seeping in. Other areas you may find during a routine roof inspection are loose shingles, damaged spots from fallen limbs, or rotting areas on older roofs. A professional roofing contractor can perform an inspection of your roof for you if you’re unable to do it yourself. 



Inspections of your roof should happen yearly for any roof over 3 years old. To inspect your roof, we recommend grabbing a buddy to help secure your inspection position and performing in the best weather conditions to maximize visibility while minimizing risk. Don’t wait for rain to fall to try and catch the water drip in action. After checking for visible damage, get out a hose. Spray your hose on your roof and watch for any water that doesn’t behave normally. You can also check inside your attic for wet rafters or freshwater spots.  

Keep in mind that foundation problems can cause roofs to move and leak, so it’s important to inspect your house top-to-bottom. 

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When to Call the Professionals 

If you’ve discovered dampness or wet areas inside your home, make an appointment for a professional inspection immediately, especially if you are unsure how long the leak has occurred. Wet areas can cause a whole host of problems, ranging from mold to sagging drywall to damage your foundation 

If you’re in the Oakland County, Michigan area, we can help. Whether you’re unsure of a leak, or know you do have a leak, call Lake Orion Roofing, the leading exterior remodeler in Michigan and Ohio. We can inspect your property and give you a free estimate. Give us a call at 248-393-0055 or contact us today.