Air flow is important to keep your attic and roof in tip top shape. It allows heat and moisture to escape, which helps maintain temperatures through every season. When your attic is well-insulated and ventilated, it will prolong the life of your roof and protect your home from dangerous molds. Insulation isn’t as baffling as ventilation is, so today we’ve chosen to discuss how to get fresh air into your attic.

How do you get a well-ventilated attic? 
Baffles are a great way to introduce fresh air into your attic. They are placed in between the bottom side of the roof and your insulation. Typically, air is blocked by your insulation, but when baffles are installed it mitigates this issue. The air is now able to flow up the exterior soffit and into the attic through the pathway provided by the baffles.  


At Lake Orion Roofing, we use DUROVENT baffles. Why? They are the best foam rafter vents available, being both durable and water resistant. Another amazing thing about DUROVENT’s is that they block out moisture, preventing harmful mildew growth. 

Durovent Baffles

Does Your Home Need Baffles?
Baffles are a great way to maintain the temperature in any homes attic. However, if you have cathedral ceilings, they are a necessity. High ceilings require constant ventilation to help remove trapped moisture. 

Durovent Baffles graphic

Baffles also keep your insulation off the roof deck. This is important during winter because the insulation is more likely to become moist from condensation that forms when it makes contact with the cold roof. Your homes slope or roof pitch is a big factor as to whether or not you’ll struggle with condensation. It is something we can advise you of when we inspect your roof. 

Lake Orion Roofing is leading the industry with our baffle installation standards. During installation, we understand the importance of allowing air to enter, but at the same time the need to keep insulation from falling into the exterior soffits. Our experts know how to install correctly in order to have a well-functioning system so your attic stays dry in every weather condition.  

When was the last time you inspected your attic? Schedule a free consultation with us, we can check to see if you have poor ventilation and if we see any condensation or mold growth. Don’t delay, give us a call at 248.393.0055.