As roofing contractors, we strive to provide the best roofing materials at the lowest possible cost to you. The goal is to repair your roof with products that protect your home for as long as possible without breaking the bank. That’s why we like to use asphalt shingles! Their durable and long-lasting nature ensures that these projects are affordable yet high quality. Once you’ve decided that asphalt shingles are for you, you’ll have to choose between the five common types of asphalt shingles.

Organic Shingles

Organic shingles are known as the “old school” style of asphalt shingles. Their name comes from the materials used to create them. These shingles are made from recycled paper and wood fiber that is saturated in asphalt. This helps add to its waterproof capability before the adhesive asphalt coating is added. After that, the shingle has a layer of ceramic granules added to the top for UV protection from the sun. This results in a flexible and environmentally friendly shingle.

Although organic shingles can still be seen on some homes, they are no longer being manufactured. This is because of the downsides of the material. The shingles themselves were quite heavy and more expensive. They were also more absorbent and warped easily which made them much less durable than the other types of asphalt shingles.

Fiberglass Asphalt Shingles

Although the name may be a bit misleading, fiberglass asphalt shingles are indeed asphalt shingles. They are made with a fiberglass base, followed by a layer of waterproof asphalt coating, and topped with ceramic granules similar to organic shingles. These shingles are known for being highly fire-resistant and energy efficient. Since fiberglass is a chief ingredient in these shingles, they use less asphalt. This allows for thinner, lighter-weight shingles that result in less bulk while still providing plenty of durability and strength. More benefits of fiberglass asphalt shingles include coming in a variety of colors, looking like custom roof work, and typically having long warranties!

Three-Tab Shingles

Next are the three-tab asphalt shingles, or strip shingles. As mentioned in the name itself, each individual shingle looks like three separate shingles. These are regarded as the most affordable shingles compared to the others.

While three-tab shingles are quite durable, they are still not the longest-lasting on our list. These shingles have a life span of about 7 to 15 years depending on the severity of the weather they encounter. However, three-tab shingles are known to withstand winds of up to 60 mph and typically come with a 25-year warranty.

Architectural Shingles

In contrast to the three-tab shingles, the architectural, or dimensional, shingles are known to last anywhere from 20 – 50 years! They can handle winds of up to 130 mph and are highly waterproof and resistant to curling over time. They are often called dimensional shingles because their thicker style causes them to look more 3-dimensional on a roof. This can be compared to the thin and flat appearance of three-tab shingles. To achieve this thick appearance, the shingles are manufactured by fusing 2 or more layers of asphalt. Pointing toward its more aesthetic style, architectural shingles are meant to resemble a wood shake style roof. With all the benefits of architectural shingles, they are more on the expensive side. However, they also usually come with a 50-year warranty.

Luxury Shingles

Lastly, we have luxury shingles. Often thought of as the best of the best, these shingles provide top-notch roof protection while also offering the most visually pleasing designs. They are also known for being the highest quality when it comes to dimensionality and coloration. All in all, these customizable shingles are high-ranking in both durability and appearance. Warranties for luxury shingles are usually comparable to that of architectural shingles. With shingles that provide the best of both worlds, it’s no shock that the cost is considerably high. However, it is easy to see the value that these shingles provide to your house in terms of long-term protection and curb appeal.


Now that you’re familiar with the different types of asphalt shingles, what do you think? Which of these do you feel suits your home and its needs? If you’re looking to have your roof renovated or replaced, give us a call or get a quote today. We’d be happy to help you out and answer any questions you may have!