Congratulations! A professional roof replacement will not only eliminate any structural problems, but also add more value to your home. When it’s time to get ready for your partial or full roof replacement, review our steps of what you need to do to get your home all set before the roofing team arrives. While the list isn’t long, it’s important to complete each section. We cover everything you will want to prepare before your roofing repair specialists come to your home to install your new roof.


Your Family

While most jobs of replacing a roof partially or fully take a few of days, occasionally a replacement can take up to a week or more. The amount of time to replace depends on the condition of the old roof, the configuration, and the size you are renovating. When you receive your inspection quote, you will also receive a time estimate that will help you prepare how long the process will take.

Roof replacement can disturb your family’s daily routines and activities. Noise from tools, debris from the work, and a dumpster and vehicles of the crew can cause inconvenience or even disturbance. Kids and pets are especially affected by roof replacement. If possible, plan for children and pets to stay elsewhere during the process, or schedule time to be out of the house can help avoid agitation or fear. If you are unable to avoid being at home, at the very least keep little ones and pets out of the yard during the work to avoid the debris.

At Lake Orion Roofing, we work quickly to ensure minimal disruption to your family’s life.


Your Neighbors

When you know the planned dates for your roof installation, alert your neighbors. If they are in close proximity, they may also find some inconvenience to their daily routines from the presence of a work crew. While all roofers hope to minimize disturbances, your neighbors are likely to hear the noise of the dismantling of the old roof and installation of the new one. While they won’t need to make the same interior preparations that we discuss below, they may still want to make some exterior preparations and keep children and pets away from the work area. 

Depending on your neighborhood streets, the crew may need to be directed where is best to park their vehicles. This should be discussed during your review with your roofing specialist. 


Your Yard 

Oftentimes, debris will fall from roof deconstruction and replacement. When the old roof is torn off, nails and shingles may fall into the yard. Mowing the grass before the roofing crew comes out will help the workers find the debris to clean up when they’ve completed the work. Make sure to identify sensitive plants around the house and review their location with your roofing specialist. If possible, cover sensitive plants with netting or sheets. Remove outdoor equipment, toys, and furniture, and cover anything that cannot be removed. 

Lake Orion Roofing is known for its high rate of customer satisfaction with cleanup after a completed job. 


Your Interior 

Even though the exterior of your house is receiving the upgrade, the interior may be affected by vibrations and dust. Start in the attic and cover as much as possible in sheets or tarps to keep dust from settling on your belongings. Next check the walls and remove anything that can fall or be damaged from vibration moving through the walls. This includes picture frames, mirrors, decorative plates, and even valuable or loose pieces on light fixtures. Finally, identify any power outlets that the roofing team may be able to access for electrical tools. Exterior ones are best, but ones just inside a window may provide what is needed as well. 


Your Roof 

What do you need to prepare on your roof before the roofing contractors arrive? Your roofing specialist has already identified problem areas such as weak beams or limited access for ladders that the team may need to consider. While professional roofing companies carry insurance, the main preparation you should make is ensuring safety for the team on your property. Tree branches that are hanging over your roof should be trimmed. Call any companies that have antennas or satellite dishes on your roof to remove them before the crew arrives. Make sure to alert your roofing specialist if you notice conditions have changed on any part of your roof between the time of your inspection and when the crew arrives for your roof replacement. 

At Lake Orion Roofing, we are proud to have an experienced team who will do your roof replacement right from top to bottom. We always explain the process and what to expect while our crew is upgrading your home. If you would like more information, reach out to us at 248-343-0055 or send us an email