I want to share with you the steps which Lake Orion Roofing is taking to protect our employees, customers, and partners as we face the unprecedented challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic.

However, I would be remiss if I did not begin by extending our heartfelt sentiments to those directly or indirectly impacted by the coronavirus. Together, we will work tirelessly to speed all aspects of recovery and keep our communities safe against the spread of this disease.

As a company with a robust and diverse supply chain, we understand the critical importance of maintaining business continuity. With this in mind, we have taken the following actions to fulfill our responsibilities to you:

  • Implemented contingency plans that allow our employees to operate safely while limiting the impact to our business operations.
  • Established a special cross-functional leadership team that is closely monitoring coronavirus updates and developments in real-time, and updating protocols as new information comes in from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Instituted domestic and international travel bans for our employees. Prior to these bans, we implemented mandatory self-isolation periods for employees returning from high-risk areas.
  • Where possible, moved employees to ‘work-from-home’, where they will continue to support customers through digital channels.
  • Updated protocols within our plant facilities to ensure that operators are a safe distance from one another, altered shifts and breaks to maximize isolation, and have moved to skeleton shifts where possible.
  • Directed all personnel to practice social distancing, proper hand washing, and other hygienic best practices as outlined by the WHO and CDC.

As we go forward, we will keep you updated on important measures we take to keep business moving while assuring that safety remains at the forefront of all our efforts.

Thank you,

Mark Southern

CEO, Lake Orion Roofing